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Meet the Team

Emily Myers

Staff Advisor

This is Ms. Myers' first year as a staff advisor, and she is incredibly excited to begin working with the Pulse staff! She is a Sagittarius, and her favorite artist is Lou Reed. She prefers oat milk, and has a cat named Guillermo. 


Phone: (858) 350-0253×4191

Andrew Gu 

Senior & Managing Editor

Previously co-host host of The Means of Production, Andrew loves writing about history, children's cartoons, and absurd conspiracy theories. In his free time, Andrew enjoys getting concussions in the pursuit of a slippery black cylinder and playing overly-complicated pretend.

Kyle Kim

Senior & Editor-In-Chief


A current senior, Kyle has worked on Pulse Magazine since his sophomore year and is thrilled to be the Editor-in-Chief of this year's Pulse staff! He enjoys listening to music (specifically Tyler, the Creator), and watching movie analysis videos on Youtube. Besides Pulse, Kyle is a member of the Humanities Conservatory and Speech and Debate. He is an Aquarius, and his preferred milk choice is almond. 

Quinn Satterlund

 Junior & Managing Editor

Quinn joined the Pulse Staff last year, and is looking forward to writing articles more for Pulse Magazine! He is a junior at CCA and is a returning staff member. Quinn enjoys listening to musical artists, such as Weiland, Bladee, and Playboi Carti. In his free time, he enjoys making beats and cooking. He also has a pet cat named Madonna! Quinn is a Libra, and his preferred milk choice is Lactaid. 

Sophie Sills

Senior & Online Editor


Sophie is a senior and returning member to Pulse! She is super excited for her second semester on Pulse, and enjoys writing on a plethora of different topics. In her free time, you can catch her going to the beach, reading, hiking, surfing, doing gymnastics, listening to music, or spending time with her friends. She's a Cancer (although she doesn't look much into it), and her morning simply isn't complete without her trusty oatmilk latte.

Sydney Hecht

Senior & Copy Editor

Sydney is a senior at CCA, and a returning staff-member to Pulse Magazine! Sydney enjoys listening to Harry Styles, Her's, and Rex Orange County. In her free time, you can catch her reading way too closely into her Co-Star,  scouting out the nearest coffee shop with her co-writer Zoey, or listening to "Beauty and a Beat" by Justin Bieber on repeat (he's in her top 10 artists exclusively because of that song). Sydney is a Leo, and prefers an oat milk option. 

Zoey Preston

Senior & Creative Director

Zoey is a senior at CCA, and this is her second year on the Pulse Magazine staff. She's an Aquarius, and is a fan of any extremely British indie band, as well as oat milk. When she isn’t writing, you can find her playing guitar, sending it on the slopes in Mammoth, or drinking oat milk lattes at Stratford Court with her co-writer Sydney. She's also a part of a band called The Swell (STREAM PLASTIC TROPHIES)!

Melody Abouzari


Senior & Social Media Director

Melody is a senior and returning staff member to Pulse! As an Aries, she’s always injured, always early, and always down for a fun time. Her favorite musical artists include Harry Styles and 5 Seconds of Summer, and her preferred milk is almond.

Sophie Harasha

Senior & Op-Ed Director

Although Sophie may be small (standing only 4 feet, 11 inches tall) her excitement for her first semester on Pulse most certainly is not. She is looking forward to writing on a variety of different topics in order to establish herself further as a writer. In her free time, you can find her eating salami, obsessing over anything Despicable Me or Minions related, or arguing with her co-writer Sophie Sills over who is the superior Sophie (hint hint, it's Sophie Sills). All jokes aside, she is an avid filmmaker, a faithful Iceskimo employee, and a connoisseur of matcha lattes. Additionally, she's a Virgo and enjoys listening to Arctic Monkeys.

Krishna Nagarajan

Junior & Copy Editor

Krishna is a junior and new staff member to Pulse! He's a Gemini, and his favorite musical artist is J. Cole. He's not a fan of milk (lactose intolerant), but does love both basketball and soccer (his teams are Warriors and Arsenal, respectively). He also loves music, from producing his own to playing the piano.

Mailee Phan

Senior & Creative Director

Mailee is a senior and new staff member to Pulse! She's an Aquarius, and loves the Pixies. A fan of 2% milk, she spends her time outside of school playing the bass and guitar. She is also a part of EVA Conservatory, is applying to art school for illustration, and hopes for a career concept work or entertainment design.

Rosanne Pak

Senior & Copy Editor

Rosanne is a senior and new Pulse writer! She's a Sagittarius, and loves Stray Kids. Additionally, she's a fan of 2% milk, writing, and art (specifically drawing and sculpture). 

Guy Starr

Senior & Staff Writer

Guy is a senior and a new member of the Pulse Magazine staff! Outside of Pulse, Guy is a member of ASB and runs on the track and field team. He enjoys running with his friends, listening to music, and watching movies. He is a Taurus and his preferred milk choice is oak.

Emma Chan

Senior & Staff Writer

Emma is a senior and a joining member of Pulse. She is excited to join the team and start writing about current issues and other interesting topics. Emma loves to read in her free time and listen to music. She is always on the move between the varsity girls water polo team and the 3128 Aluminum Narwhals Robotics Team. She also loves to travel and explore new foods.

Harleen Missan

Senior & Staff Writer

Harleen is a senior and new member of the Pulse staff! Her hobbies include fine arts like drawing and painting, as well as cinematic film and photography. She enjoyes the outdoors, reading, drawing, playing the guitar. She like writing about movies, books, and songs because she usually has strong opinions when it comes to them. 

Arthi Chandra

Freshman & Staff Writer

Arthi is a freshman at CCA and new to pulse magazine! She is a Gemini, left handed, and in her free time she loves to read, write and play waterpolo for CCA.

Sage Park

Sophomore & Staff Writer

This is Sage’s first year writing for Pulse! They are very excited to write about their cultural background, entertainment they enjoy, and important social justice issues. In her free time, she enjoys keeping up with current events, drawing, singing, and dancing.

Julius Thijssen

Senior & Staff Writer

Julius is a senior and a first time writer for Pulse! He enjoys watching movies, his favorite being C’mon C’mon. He also loves music, and his favorite artists are The Velvet Underground, Fugazi, and X. He moved to America from the Netherlands when he was 5 and is semi fluent in Dutch.

Mihika Juneja

Sophomore & Staff Writer

Mihika is a sophomore, and she's excited to be a new Pulse staff member! She enjoys spending her time watching old Disney shows, cooking, and researching about different worldwide events. Additionally, she's a Sagittarius and wishes she could travel the world.

Sophie Shi

Junior & Staff Writer

Sophie is a junior and new Pulse staff member! She looks forward to writing fun articles on different topics and issues this semester. In her free time, Sophie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, especially if it involves traveling or eating yummy foods. She is a Gemini and loves the color purple, bunnies, and reading!

Isabella Posel

Sophomore & Staff Writer

Isabella is a sophomore on her first year at Pulse! She is an avid horror fan, textile artist and dedicated cat parent.

Zoe Truong

Junior & Staff Writer

As a sophomore, this is Zoe's first semester on staff. She's a Sagittarius, and you can often find her reading or listening to TXT/kpop. Her preferred milk type is 2%.

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