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Staff Spring '21

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Staff Spring '21
Staff Spring '21

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Meet the Team

Christopher Black


Phone: (858)350-0253×4192

Staff Advisor

Christopher Black is the faculty adviser of Pulse Magazine. He attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where he was the sports editor of the Mustang Daily, the student newspaper. In addition to journalism, he also teaches English, Creative Writing, and a College Application Seminar class at Canyon Crest Academy.

Andrew Gu 

Senior & Managing Editor

Previously co-host host of The Means of Production, Andrew loves writing about history, children's cartoons, and absurd conspiracy theories. In his free time, Andrew enjoys getting concussions in the pursuit of a slippery black cylinder and playing overly-complicated pretend.

Maxine Mah

Senior & Editor-In-Chief

Maxine has worked on Pulse Magazine since her sophomore year and is thrilled to be the Editor-In-Chief of this year's Pulse staff! She was previously the Managing Editor and the Online Editor, and has also had work published outside of school publications. She has an infallible obsession with K-pop and astrology, enjoys watching reruns of Saiki-K in her free time, and dictates her life based on her Panda Express fortune cookies.

Kyle Kim

Junior & Managing Editor

Kyle will serve as Pulse Magazine's Online Editor for the 2021-2022 school year. He likes to write about the economy, music, and the entertainment industry. In his free time, he likes to find new albums to listen to, play video games, and watch tier list videos on YouTube.

Liam Rosenberg

Senior & Copy Editor

Liam is currently a senior at Canyon Crest Academy who has written for Pulse Magazine since 2019. He likes to write about politics, local news, and op-eds. Originally a NYC area native, nowadays he enjoys the beach, golf, and tennis.

Daniel Yachi

Senior & Op/Ed Director

Daniel’s passion lies in government and politics. He loves to share his opinions through Pulse Magazine. He can often be found writing editorials on controversial issues. He also loves to spend a lot of time working for ASB as the Senior Class President. In his free time he plays video games and listens to music. He specifically enjoys Lorde and Ariana Grande music. (Daniel is also a Leo, and he's sister signs with co-writer Aimee).

Ariana Thompson

Junior & Creative Director

Aimee Han

Senior & Social Media Director

The past couple years Aimee has dedicated time and poured her heart into writing for Pulse Magazine! She enjoys writing about her cultural background, the experiences she has or wishes to have throughout her adolescence, and meaningful takes on social justice issues. In her free time, she enjoys swimming at La Jolla Cove where the sharks are not present, playing the ukulele, driving with the windows down, and taking pictures off of film disposables. (Also, she is an Aquarius).

Quinn Satterlund

quinn vibing_edited.jpg

Sophomore & Online Editor

Quinn joined the Pulse Staff last semester, and is looking forward to writing articles more for Pulse Magazine! He enjoys writing about sports and pop culture, specifically music and movies, but writes about anything that catches his attention. In his free time, he surfs and cooks, though not always with the best results.

Melody Abouzari

Junior & Staff Wrtier

When Melody isn’t obsessing over Harry Styles and delving into the world of astrology (as an Aries), writing is her greatest passion. She’s always injured, always early, and always down for a fun time.

Zach Danon

Senior & Staff Writer 

Zach has spent the last 13 years of his life playing baseball for various teams, including the CCA team. He enjoys going on drives along the coast as well as going on walks with his dogs. In his free time, he goes to the beach with friends and works out.

Will Duncan

Senior & Staff Writer

Will is a brand new member of the Pulse staff and is excited to overthrow Maxine to become the next Editor-in-Chief! When he's not plotting his coup, he spends his time making art, using mediums ranging from clay to digital. As he becomes a larger part of the magazine, he hopes to play an important role in the creative elements, such as layout and art designs. Sleigh! Slea! SlÆ!

Sydney Hecht

Junior & Staff Writer

Sydney is a junior at CCA and a first-time writer for Pulse Magazine this semester! In her free time, you can catch her reading way too closely into her Co-Star (she’s a Leo), making new playlists, or scouting out the nearest coffee shop with her co-writer Zoey. Sydney loves writing stories about pop culture, specifically about sports, movies, and music.

Nate Neustadt

Sophomore & Staff Writer

This past semester Nate has dedicated time into learning the ins-and-outs of journalism in the Intro to Journalism class. He enjoys writing about politics, food, and sports. In his free time he enjoys cooking, playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and blasting music in his car on long drives.

Addie Picker

Junior & Staff Writer

In recent years, Addie has taken a great interest in current events. Addie is excited to join the Pulse Staff as journalism pairs her love of writing with her interest in global and local issues. Addie also plays volleyball and is a setter for the CCA girl´s volleyball team. In addition to school and volleyball, she works at Starbucks which fulfills her love of coffee. In her free time, Addie likes to read, be outdoors, and spend time with her friends. She also really enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and learning about different cultures.

Zoey Preston

Junior & Staff Writer

Zoey is a junior at CCA, and this is her first year on the Pulse Magazine staff. When she isn’t writing, you can find her playing guitar, sending it on the slopes in Mammoth, or drinking coffee at Stratford Court with her co-writer Sydney. She loves writing about everything from current issues to pop culture.

Sophie Sills

Junior & Staff Writer

Sophie is currently a junior at CCA and is excited to be a part of the Pulse staff! She is looking forward to writing on many different subject areas. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, hiking, surfing, eating, listening to music, and spending time with her friends.

Ethan Swidler

Senior & Staff Writer

Last quarter, Ethan took Intro to Journalism and fell in love with the class. He enjoys the aspect of writing for the public to read. He also enjoys writing about sports, health, weightlifting, and different cultures. In his free time he practices baseball, works, and likes to hike.

Sofia Ung

Senior & Staff Writer

Sofia is excited to be on Pulse this year even though it is her first (and last) year. She loves to write and has explored her interest in journalism over the past couple of summers! She is the captain of the CCA women's varsity tennis team in which she has been a part of for four years and loves her team. :) In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, blasting music in the car, and trying new foods!