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Second Class | Kyle Kim

Despite our high national ranking, wonderful staff, and undeniably-unique atmosphere, Canyon Crest Academy is, in my opinion, noticeably lacking in one crucial department: classes. While we may sport unique courses like Rock Band or Biotechnology, students that are not invested in a specific CTE pathway may often fall to the wayside. Even when looking across the road to our neighbors at Torrey Pines High School, it’s hard not to feel somewhat jealous in this regard. From Auto Technology to Intro to Law to even Socio-Political History of Rock N Roll (yes that’s a real thing: Course Profile), TPHS easily bests CCA in terms of coursework variety. And so, as not to be overshadowed by the Falcons, here is my (very limited) list of interesting class additions I would like to see at CCA.

History of Music

In the same vein as AP Art History, I envision this class to appreciate music not from a technical, performative perspective, but from an artistic, historical perspective. Although it need not be comprehensive of all of human history, it could be incredibly interesting to listen to, appreciate, and study music from different cultures and time periods in an effort to broaden students’ worldviews. It could also provide a rare glimpse into the theory, performance, and technicalities of music that are often lost on non-performers. While its popularity would depend heavily on how the class is taught and the curriculum is designed, I could see how this elective would fit nicely into many students’ schedules.


While you could argue that some English and History courses and teachers at this school cover philosophy quite well, the lack of a dedicated philosophy course was something that stuck out to me early on at CCA. While specific clubs and programs, like the Conservatory for the Humanities, may scratch this philosophical itch, a class is the most accessible and beginner-friendly way to venture into this admittedly mountainous field. And I’m sure some teachers would be biting at the opportunity to head such a program from the ground up.

Personal Finance/Financial Literacy

While perhaps not as captivating as other courses offered at CCA, it's undeniable how important financial literacy is to the average citizen. Skills learned in this class could range from properly investing to filing taxes to even budgeting. Whatever it may be, such a class provides an arguably necessary foray into an otherwise confusing and costly part of adulting, and one that could be learned for free. It’s also a class that has a profound impact on students’ lives even as they're taking the course — a difficult feat in and of itself.

As we’re daydreaming of the possibilities of new and unique CCA classes, it’s also important to put our school into context. We haven’t even broken our 20th anniversary yet, and we’ve got a long way to grow. It’s hard to say — maybe even in the next 10 years our school will have all these classes and more.

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