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Post-Quarantine Bucket List | Maya Munshi

Spending quality time with family and having the chance to relax and explore new ideas alone may have seemed tempting when the word “quarantine” first started to appear in media outlets across the country; however, after almost a month of living in quarantine with no promising end in sight, high-schoolers are struggling to stay engaged socially and mentally. Along with thousands of other students, the majority of CCA’s student body is craving social interaction with friends and the normalcy of having a weekly routine full of activities we all took for granted pre-quarantine. 

It is without a doubt that the first hangouts we have with friends after quarantine will be the most memorable moments yet, so I made the following bucket list as a reference for you to plan epic post-quarantine hangouts.

  1. Beach Bonfire 

When quarantine ends, San Diego’s beaches will reopen. One way to make the most out of their reopenings is by putting together plenty of blankets, pizza, firewood, and s’mores ingredients. Enjoy the company of your friends next to a bonfire, as you enjoy one of your first post-quarantine beach sunsets with the people you care about. There are fire pits available along Mission Bay, and you can bring your own portable fire pit to La Jolla Shores if preferred.

  1. Boardwalk Biking

If your friends are up to it, rent beach cruisers and ride the boardwalk along Pacific Beach. On the way, you can park your bikes and stop for snacks or lunch at little cafes and restaurants in PB, supporting local businesses while going on a little afternoon adventure with your friends.

  1. Go to Seaport Village

Seaport Village is a cute place to shop and eat with friends and is located on the San Diego waterfront. Take your friends there and grab ice cream and other snacks, and explore the area on foot or by bike. You can also take photos with your friends around the many picturesque establishments Seaport Village has to offer.

  1. Go to a Concert

Since all concerts were suspended during quarantine, musical artists will be able to perform live again once coronavirus is contained. Choose a singer all your friends like and take them out for a fun night of dancing and singing, celebrating the capability to be together again.

  1. Visit Belmont Park

Belmont Park is an amusement park with many things to offer, from roller coaster rides to an arcade. All you have to do is purchase some day passes and your friends are in for a full day of fun and games as you make your way through the park’s attractions. Belmont Park is also a beachfront location, so you and your friends can grab something to eat near the beach midway through your adventure.

  1. Mini Road Trip

Go on a mini road trip to Julian, a little town in the mountains near San Diego. There, you can eat at a diner and grab a slice of Julian’s specialty food: freshly-baked apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. This is a perfect place to get fresh air as you stroll through Julian’s main street and (if the season is right) harvest apples from an apple orchard.

  1. Try a New Restaurant

Treat your friends with a tasty culinary experience at a restaurant of your choice anywhere in San Diego. Book a reservation and sit down to enjoy a beautiful meal while chatting and catching up with your friends.

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