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OPINION: Trump announces 2024 Presidential Campaign | Addie Picker

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article do not reflect the opinions of Pulse Magazine as a whole.

On Tuesday night, Former President Donald Trump announced his third bid to run for president in the 2024 election. Trump’s news came shortly after the 2022 midterm elections, which have resulted in a split congress. The expected “red wave” following the period of a Democrat-controlled congress did not occur, and Democrats will likely keep the senate. The Republican party did not achieve the success they expected in the midterms, and will now search for other ways to win back full legislative control.

In his candidacy announcement at Mar-a-Lago, Trump promised a brighter future for the Republican party and framed his campaign as one for the good of the party, rather than for that of himself. He outlined (and exaggerated) his achievements of his 2016 presidency, and promised a similar future for the country if he was to be elected again.

Of course, Trump’s election would be a great danger to the United States in every way. During Trump’s presidency, the US actually took countless steps backwards in terms of progress and global advancement. To name a few of his faults, Trump withdrew the union from the Paris Climate Agreement, consistently undermined the threat of COVID-19, continued to ignite racial discrimination, and provoked an insurrection on the capital building. Both Trump, and his most polarized supporters, are a threat to our nation and the future of democracy.

Donald Trump’s daughter and former Senior White House Advisor, Ivanka Trump, was not present at his event in Mar-a-Lago. When asked about her absence, Ivanka Trump announced that she will not be participating politically in her father’s campaign and will instead focus on her own family matters. However, her husband Jared Kushner and brother Eric Trump both attended the event, essentially indicating their support for and future involvement in the campaign.

Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence will not return as Trump’s running mate. Pence did not express his support for Trump’s candidacy and even stated, “I think we’ll have better choices.” Speculation has grown about the possibility of Pence himself running in 2024, however he has not yet made clear public statements about the matter. Pence faced a great deal of pressure from Trump in 2020 when he refused to overturn the rightful election results in the senate. Of course, with the absence of support even from Trump’s vice president for his 2024 campaign, it is quite clear that Trump’s re-election would be a disaster for the country.

In his Tuesday speech, Trump continued to undermine the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency and criticized the actions he has made as president, such as his efforts to address climate change. Trump made baseless statements, over exaggerated claims, and botched statistics about both his own presidency and that of Biden’s. Once again, Trump is setting up a campaign based on lies, manipulation, and personal gain. The United States deserves a president with integrity and one who will make decisions for the greater good. Trump claims his campaign is a sacrifice for the future of the Republican Party, but we all know he is simply seeking personal power and revenge.

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