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NFL Trade Deadline | Josh Golden

NFL Trade Deadline

by: Josh Golden

This weekend, the NFL completed its eighth week of the season, which means the majority of the league’s teams are at the halfway point of their season. Now, each team has a better understanding of their chances to hoist the Lombardi Trophy come the first weekend of February. For some of these teams, they believe they have a shot at the championship, yet would like to add a few extra pieces. Teams that are already thinking about next year might have a few pieces they’re willing to send away to get a few draft picks. Perhaps these teams could make some trades. However, come today at 1 PM, the NFL’s trade deadline will have passed and teams will no longer be able to make trades until March. So far, Amari Cooper and Carlos Hyde have changed teams, but what other big names could be on the move?

LeSean McCoy

This season, the Buffalo Bills and their historically atrocious offense have stumbled their way to a 2-6 record and are in clear rebuild mode despite making the playoffs last season. Therefore, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding a potential trade involving former All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy. At first glance, trading McCoy makes perfect sense; he’s a talented yet aging running back who’s contract expires in 2019 and can provide some help to many teams. However, looking deeper into the idea of a McCoy trade, it’s not the best idea for Buffalo. Once rookie quarterback Josh Allen returns from his injury, the offense will still have a lack of weapons, so trading McCoy could potentially harm the growth of the future of the franchise. Therefore, the Bills place a higher value on him then most teams do (reportedly, the Bills want second and third round picks in return for McCoy). He likely won’t get traded, but if a last second deal gets done, it’ll likely involve McCoy wearing an Eagles jersey again.

Demaryius Thomas

After a rough 3-5 start for the Broncos, the team is looking like they’ll come up short of the playoffs once again despite having high hopes coming into this year. Case Keenum, the biggest addition to the team this offseason, has put up wildly unimpressive numbers so far, putting up only 10 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Since Thomas is a free agent after the 2019 season, trading the star receiver is a good option for the Broncos if they’re looking to add some draft capital in order to get their quarterback of the future. Thomas has put up over 400 yards and three touchdowns through eight games, proving that he could be worth giving up a third or fourth rounder to teams that missed out on the Amari Cooper sweepstakes, such as the Eagles and Patriots.

Patrick Peterson

With rookies head coach and quarterback along with their 2-6 record, the Arizona Cardinals should be focused on rebuilding their team around Josh Rosen. One player who can help the rebuild is Peterson. The All-Pro cornerback is under contract through 2020 and could easily be sent away for an extra first rounder. Peterson has publically gone back and forth on the idea of a trade, so the idea is definitely out there, but he has most recently said he’d like to stay with the Cardinals. I don’t expect to see him get dealt, yet I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Cardinals trade away a few other players such as linebackers Haason Reddick and Deone Bucannon.

Tyrod Taylor and Sam Bradford

Both Taylor and Bradford were brought in this offseason to serve as bridge quarterbacks. Both quarterbacks only started three games, will be free agents this offseason, and can easily be traded to a quarterback needy team (Broncos, Giants, or Jaguars, to name a few) for a draft pick to help the young quarterback. This is simply just a why not scenario, as neither team is actively shopping the quarterback, but are completely unnecessary players to teams that could be looking to increase draft capital.

Although the NFL trade deadline typically isn’t a big deal, there are some big names that could potentially be on the move today. There’s only a few hours left, so NFL general managers are on the phone right now, looking to add one more piece to help make a Super Bowl run, or add one more draft pick to get a young guy who can help in the future. Time is ticking, and deals will likely be made, so keep an eye out for breaking news.

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