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Harry’s House: Part 1 | Melody Abourazi

It’s happening: Harry Styles is officially releasing a new album after the long wait of three years, and it’s sure to be a golden release. The reveal of Harry’s House was announced on March 23, and fans, rightfully so, went absolutely livid. The title of the album has led to some discourse in the fandom, with some fans even going so far as to claim that the name is “childish”. I, for one, think it’s a stellar title that makes me associate it with a welcoming, homey feeling of comfort. But still, to each their own.

Styles also announced the release of a new single titled “As It Was” being released on April 1st. Initially, everyone was thinking that this might be a practical prank being played on us by a pop superstar, but as more time went on, it was apparent that Styles really was being genuine. After the release of Fine Line in December 2019, fans were left satisfied for about a full year until we were craving for the release of new music. Fine Line was an album filled with soulful tunes, and pop-y jams that were sure to make you groove and smile. The initial expectation for this new album was a soft-rock album reminiscent of music favored in the late ’70s or early ’80s. Yet with the new snippet Styles released via his Instagram and Youtube accounts, fans are suspecting that this album will be filled with a more psychedelic rock type of vibe. Another confirming factor for the tone of the album comes from the theme associated with Styles' new release from his beauty and self-care line known as Pleasing. The new theme was titled as “Shroom Bloom” which provided imagery related to psychedelic mandalas and the bright colors associated with the genre. And I, for one, am so here for it.

In general, the fandom following Harry Styles increased 3 times the amount it originally was during his debut album release. As a result, members of the fandom are quickly realizing that the group following Harry will increase by tenfold with this new release. The expectations on Harry are, to say the least, up there.

This leads to some concern for individuals interested in collecting merchandise and music being put out by Styles and his team. If more people are interested in the fandom, then more merchandise will be sold out at an alarmingly fast pace. In no way, shape, or form am I suggesting gatekeeping music, as that is not a very nice way to treat people with kindness. However, I am a little worried about missing out on an exclusive drop. Styles announced via his website the release of an exclusive sea-foam green vinyl, along with a cassette tape and exclusive CD including 32 exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. Fans on TikTok and Reddit have also, unofficially and might I add illegally, revealed the release of a yellow vinyl created as a Target Exclusive. For all the Harry stans out there, it will definitely be a blood bath when trying to cop some merch that will for sure be resold on eBay and Depop at an alarmingly high price.

To all the Harry fans out there, may you survive this new drop unscathed and have a great time enjoying this exciting new time.

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