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Five Ways to Destress Yourself | Bri Cateriano

Five Ways to Destress Yourself

by: Bri Cateriano

If you are anything like me, or anyone at CCA, you stress a lot. So much so, that you break out, or have a mental breakdown, or maybe even start eating icecream in the middle of the night just to have something sweet and savory in you life. Everyone knows that high school is stressful, and thinking about getting into a reputable college is even more so. Parents put so much pressure on us, which causes stress, anxiety, and depression. However, despite all of this, there are ways to manage your stress of school, college, parents’ pressure.

  1. Talking to someone. Whether it’s your school counselor, a friend, or a therapist, people are there to listen to your problems. It is freeing to talk about why you are stressed to help calm you down as talking to someone gives you the satisfaction of letting it out to get advice. Their advice can tell you how to deal with your parents, or what to do in certain situations where you don’t feel good and you feel stressed, sad, etc..

  2. Meditation. Yes, I went there. Meditation really does help with stress. Think about this: you are in a quiet area with candles of good scents. You are wearing the most comfortable clothes and you feel neither hot nor cold. The absolute silence allows you to think comfortably without interruption. The setting around you is soothing, taking away your stress and problems. Thousands of people around the world participate in meditation as a way to stop their lives and detox. It is a healthy form of detoxification that many laugh at without trying.

  3. Playing sports. I am very aware that sports and athletics are not everyone’s strong point, however it is proven to be a good stress reliever for many. Even without belonging on a team, running around gives the body endorphins- which make you happy. As an athlete, playing sports helps me immensely. It allows me to take my mind off of the stress of school, and focus on something that I find enjoyable. Running or playing catch with my friends takes my mind off of everything for the period of time, and clears my mind. I guarantee it has helped me and others around me, and it will help you as well. Even if you don’t like sports, playing catch or going for a walk- the simplest form of exercise, is therapeutic and is a recommended form of stress relief by many doctors and counselors.

  4. Getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is necessary to a healthy lifestyle. When people are stressed, they tend to not get a lot of sleep- which is normal. A lack of sleep, however, only contributes to your unhealthy state of mind and does nothing but make you tired and grumpy. Sleep helps people recuperate from things that make them unhappy and when they wake up, gives them the realization that there’s a new day and the stress decreases. Being tired only contributes to stress.  

  5. Netflix. Although not everyone has netflix, or maybe even TV, when I am stressed or sad, I always watch netflix to help take my mind off of my stress and watch comedies to get my mind off of something sad or bad that happened to me. It helps you immensely when you are in your bed, with the lights off, all warm and comfortable, watching something that you enjoy. It takes your mind off of your problems, and is enjoyable too.

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