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Fashion Predictions: Summer 2021 | Aerin Flaharty

Spring has come and gone and as the weather starts to heat up, it’s time we embrace the sun and put our summer outfits into full throttle. While the low waisted, Y2K, and colorblock trends have passed, it’s time we welcome new ideas for summer 2021. We can expect nothing less of the promising funky, colorful, and retro themes for this season’s latest fashion predictions.

The items consumers wear revolve around change, but sometimes change is a good thing. If it’s “out with the old and in with the new”, then now is the perfect time to embrace the current trends that exist in today’s fashion phenomenons. Summer 2020 involved trends such as “indie” vibes which embraced bright colors, loose fitting pants, as well as lots of beaded jewelry. 2021 is a whole new year, and is nothing short of a whole new look. So without further ado, here are some of the most popular summer 2021 fashion lookbook predictions.

Sweat Sets: Inspired from influencers such as Olivia Ponton and Suede Brooks, sweat suits are the new casual go-to. These sets come in pant and short forms,vary in color, and usually include a matching sweatshirt. While some might say these sets should be at-home inclusive only, the world is now starting to accept this fashion trend without finding it a too relaxed outfit for public wear.

Chunky Gold Jewelry: As the perfect accessory to any fun summer outfit, a small pair of chunky gold hoops is the ideal addition to glam up a look. Gold is the most frequently worn plate of jewelry as of now. Whether it’s in bracelet, necklace, earring form, etc. you can’t go wrong with an accent of gold for this summer season.

Funky patterns: Revitalizing from 70’s trends, funky patterns are a must for a spot in your closet this year. Existing in various clothing forms, this trend is a major statement piece. If you plan on standing out this summer, funky patterns are the way to accomplish this. Florals, arrays of patterns, as well as geometric shapes make up most of these types of garments.

Milkmaid and Mini Dresses: With the summer heat, dresses are the way to go if you want to beat the heat. The popular milkmaid dress comes from the “cottagecore” aesthetic on which it is one’s goal to dress as if they have romanticized a rural lifestyle. This dress tends to vary in mid and mini length, and is made in mostly neutral and pastel colors. On the other end, mini dresses have much more variation and are created in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Making an easy outfit won’t be hard with a go-to mini dress.

Colorful Sandals: For the perfect polished finished to any summer outfit, a pair of strappy sandals is an easy option to complete a look. These shoes can almost magically pair with any clothing item in your closet, making them a staple piece that can also be used for future summers to come.

With all these trends, it’s easy to say that this upcoming summer will be one for the books. Unique pieces, statement patterns, and even some strappy sandals are just some of the things you can expect to see during a summer like no other.

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