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Farmers’ Market is Back!

photo by flickr user NatalieMaynor

By Lauren Uchiyama

If you find yourself at Canyon Crest Academy on a Thursday, go check out the Farmer’s Market held in the staff parking lot from 2 pm to sunset.  The small-town feel of the market is a nice change to this disconnected suburb, and it provides us with the opportunity to support over 20 local farmers and vendors by eating a ton of food, something we rarely have the chance to do.

Since we all know the average teenage student is probably hungry, begin with the far end of the market; Two food trucks stationed at the end are cooking delicious burger sliders and pretzels.  If you find yourself craving some unhealthy yet tasty snacks, I would highly recommend going to the burger slider truck and ordering the sweet potato tater tots or the Truffle fries.

If it’s hot outside, go check out the smoothie booth, and order one of these delicious smoothies- Although I myself have not had the pleasure of tasting these smoothies, Rayna Higuchi, freshman, said “It tastes really good! I’d recommend the Strawberry Banana.”

If you are hungry for an actual meal, check out the Cuban or Jamaican stand, the crepes, or sandwich station.  The Cuban flavors have something that you know you want, in addition to a unique taste that is not normally provided by stereotypical restaurants.  If you are itching to try something new, I’d highly recommend trying this.

As you start making your way down the market after your yummy Cuban/Jamaican/crepe/ burger/pretzel/smoothie meal, you can bring something home to commemorate your trip to the farmer’s market. If you are anticipating a Greek craving in the near future, get some of the various pita chips for the road.  If you are in need of some pleasant smelling flowers, go buy some of the orchids a vendor has to offer!

If you want some fresh eggs for your Sunday morning breakfast of champions, these produce men will gladly provide you with some, as will the strawberry vendor.  The various fruits and vegetables are always fresh and will make a hungry salad-lover very happy.  In addition to the produce, buy some almonds to get some healthy fats in your system.

All in all, I would highly suggest attending the Farmer’s Market to see and eat all of this amazing food.  There is more to offer than described in this article, so attend to support your local producers and vendors!

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