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Comedy Sportz

By Josh Dillen

Going to CCA without attending at least one Comedy Sportz match is like landing on the moon without taking home any moon rocks. It’s as much a part of our culture on campus as apple pie is a part of America. It may not be everyone’s favorite, but no one can deny its appeal. On Friday the 21st, the  the first match took place, and now the school year is officially underway.

It was a cold, hard three weeks. Comedy Sportz was nowhere to be found. Students were forced to endure the monotony of eventless after eventless Friday nights. Some were brave enough to visit enemy territory and witness the sheer brutality of football, while others were too intimidated by the barbarian nature of the sport and stayed home. With no Envision productions nor our precious Comedy Sportz, we Ravens were lost, until last week.

When suddenly, it had arrived. Facebook invitations were sent and flyers posted all over our campus. Comedy Sportz was back. It was only five dollars to witness these masters of true improv at work. Was that not the same price as a ticket to the vicious grudge match just down the road? The choice was clear; for many a Raven (and even those Torrey Pines kids).

Eager Ravens showed up in swathes, filling up the front of our campus a full half hour before the show started. It was obvious that the show would sell out, even in our gargantuan Proscenium Theatre. As students slowly trickled through the doors, the tension in the room began to rise. By the time our all-star players had taken their seats on stage, the crowd was going nuts. It was a promising start.

When the first half was over, I began to ponder the question on everyone’s minds: would Comedy Sportz be the same without last year’s senior player Brandon Kirshner? The answer was quite clear. Of course it would be. We still have hilarious players this year like Zach Udin and Chase Peterson, just to name a couple, and, the star of the show, the audience. Without the audience’s enthusiastic participation night after night, Comedy Sportz would surely fall flat.

So, fellow Ravens, do yourself a favor and hurry down to the next Comedy Sportz match. You will not be disappointed.

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