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Challenge Day

By Avery Naughton

Challenge Day is coming back to Canyon Crest Academy on March 19th, 20th, and the 21st!

Although you may be concerned about skipping an entire day of school (this is CCA after all), don’t fret; Challenge Day is certainly worth it. The overall goal of Challenge Day is to advance the already warm and accepting atmosphere at our school. Students will take part in a variety of activities designed to create empathy for other students as well as self-realization for others.

At our own school, Challenge day is organized by the Be the Change club. Be the Change Club as well as Challenge Day, was founded by Yvonne and Rich Dutra St. John. According to the duo, the goal of Challenge Day “is to provide youth and their communities with experiential programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth, and full expression.” Although Canyon Crest has already established an accepting environment, Challenge Day advocates that individuals who participate will gain flexibility and a deeper understanding of the actions and behaviors of others.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of sharing your past experiences and emotions with strangers, this may be just the way to break out of your shell and obtain some self- confidence. Although nobody is forced to participate, it’s a safe environment to do so. Perhaps you may even surprise yourself and develop your leadership skills!

But Challenge Day is not only impactful for one day; it has lasting consequences. According to numerous faculty testimonies, the spirit of challenge day has become an everyday attitude on campus. For example, Vice Principle Bergerhouse from California states that “ I think our kids need to be aware of their feelings and be reminded that they don’t have to handle them alone.” So, even if you’re not doing Challenge Day for your own personal gains, maybe you could do it for the entire campus or a friend who is too reserved to do it for themselves. Just remember that the deadline is coming around fairly quickly!

Challenge day lasts the same amount of time as a regular school day. You will be assigned one of the three dates randomly and the event is held at the Canyon Crest gymnasium in the dance studio. Please take note that applications can be found on the counseling website and are due no later than March 8th (Friday) at 3:00 P.M.

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