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CCA’s Writers Conference

photo by flickr user jjpacres

By Georgie Lawson

From song lyrics and theatre scripts to just good old fashioned novels, writing is everywhere. As a school that prides itself on academic success, Canyon Crest Academy’s Creative Writing Club was proud to hold its annual CCA Writer’s Conference this past weekend. Students from high schools all around San Diego joined together at Canyon Crest Academy on February 23rd in hopes of expanding their knowledge in the world of writing. Whether students wanted to learn about new job opportunities in the writing field or were seeking advice on creative development of various types of novels, the conference offered an answers. An all-day event, the writers conference encompassed all the insight and knowledge a student needs to excel in the world of writing.

Students with varying skill levels and experience shuffled in from high schools all around the county. Some proudly proclaimed to the crowd at the welcome announcement that they have already written novels themselves, while others admitted that they had had little to no experience outside of English class. They were hoping to take in all the help they can, which was hardly difficult with the inspirational speakers the conference hosted. Students shuffled from lecture to lecture, notebook in hand, and enjoyed a day of verbal inspiration.

The conference hosted speakers offering advice on topics including fantasy world building, character development, overcoming writer’s block and so much more. The speakers, experienced and accomplished writers themselves, were able to give insight to hopeful, perspective writers in many areas. Speakers included accomplished writers, such as the New York Times bestselling novelist Nancy Holder, author of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Other speakers included highly recognized journalists, poets, and playwrights such as Kiersten White, Sylvia Mendoza, and Mark Clements. These acclaimed writers CCA was so proud to present even offered book signings for students afterward.

The CCA Writer’s Conference proved to be an exceptional opportunity for those bright students interested in various types of writing. By the time the conference came to a close, there was a universal feeling of excitement and eagerness to write, whether it be for others or only oneself. Students left the conference with the tools they needed and a new sense of confidence to start or continue whatever writing project they had set their sights on. Overall, the CCA Writer’s Conference was an exciting, productive, and successful day, where students with varying experience in the world of writing could learn helpful tips and grow in the field of writing they chose to pursue.

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