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All for the Gram: Best Places to Take Photos in San Diego | Angela Zhang

All for the Gram: Best Places to Take Photos in San Diego By Angela Zhang

Living in sunny San Diego, I am blessed with great weather that is perfect for casual photoshoots with my friends on weekends or holidays. But as much as I love photography, choosing a location where friends can hangout, take pictures, and occasionally also have the chance to grab a bite is quite difficult. Over the course of the past few years, I have gathered some of my favorite places to take photos in San Diego.

Moonlight Beach Located in Encinitas, Moonlight Beach is no doubt a popular beach spot for many teenagers. However, the neighborhood just outside of the beach has many colorful houses and retro cars. And if you are lucky, you might run into some adorable puppies and kittens. Follow the roads in the neighborhood and the different colored doors that all radiate different vibes from completely different decades will catch your eye. After the shoot, you can get some delicious garlic bread and pasta from Leucadia and Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream for dessert if you are feeling like it.

La Jolla Everyone goes to La Jolla these days. What is so special about it? Yes, La Jolla is a classic, but the variety of architecture located there makes it perfect place for any type of photoshoot. If you are a landscape photographer, grab your camera and tripod and hit the Scripps Pier during golden hour, and capture a phenomenon sunset image. If you are a portrait photographer, explore the La Valencia Hotel with your friends. The gorgeous pink salmon color of the hotel gives your pictures a vintage look to it. A great vegan restaurant I love is Trilogy Sanctuary, decorated with painted decors and comfortable couches, which is a perfect way to end the day off.

Carlsbad Flower Fields Although only open for a few months during the year, the Flower Fields is one of the most popular places for spring photos. After the photoshoot, you can usually find some delicious places that sell fresh fruits nearby, I’d definitely give those a try. And if you are feeling it, hit the outlets and grab yourself some new fits!

Salk Institute I know what you are thinking, this is a biological research center, how can this be a great place for a photoshoot? Well, this institute has one of the most unique architecture designs in UCSD. The color and structure of the buildings will give the photos and serious and edgy vibe. And just about a 10-minute walk away is the UCSD Food Court, which has a lot of places for Boba tea, snacks, and food.

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